About us

Who are the health heroes?

Hi guys and welcome to the introduction of who the health heroes are and what we are all about.

The health heroes started out as a local fitness class is the Wishaw area in Lanarkshire Scotland, it the developed into an online community where Lisa Mitchell and Charlie Nield could keep their health and wellness clients together to help inspire and motivate each other in their healthy active lifestyle.

Whether it was clients looking to lose weight, gain muscle or just keep fit, everyone came together in one place to push each other on to the next stage.

We believe in having fun while keeping active and have decided to keep a blog and vlog to show how we integrate wellness in to our busy day to day lives.

Lisa loves to chat about fashion and beauty among lots of other things and we then thought it would be a great idea to put all of our lifestyle, wellness and even business ideas into one place (exciting right?).

This blog is going to keep things light and show as much as we can about really living in todays world.

If you would like to join our Facebook group simply click the link below and join in the fun!

Join the health heroes online community for free

To subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow what’s happening on our vlog simply click here

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