NUTRITION SERIES 006!Supplementation, good or bad?


SO, Today we talk about the big ‘S’ (SUPPLEMENTS).

Anyone who knows us will know we are really big on supplementing our diets where needed, Supplementation can be a little bit of a taboo subject these days, why? well people like to complicate things and make them a little more difficult!

If you want to simplify things within your diet then we would recommend supplements such as healthy meal replacements, vitamins and others.

We started to supplement our diets a few years ago due to having a lack of energy, not feeling or looking our best and not having time to make the meals necessary to get ourselves in shape, some could call us lazy, some may call us busy. that completely depends on your personal outlook on life.

Again, people who know us will know we work alongside the worlds largest nutrition company as ambassadors of their products and use supplements every day along with a few other wellness products.

Although we both love to have fun and also are partial to some alcohol or sugary treats we do like to train exceptionally hard at the gym (work hard, play hard and all that jazz!). To help with our recovery from gym sessions well, because nobody likes to walk around like the tin man for 3-4 days after training, we use a protein shake after our workouts, we have been told in the past to have this shake within 30 minutes of finishing our exercise however haven’t been too strict with that and not sure exactly how true this is, but the protein shakes we use definitely help us recover.

We also use a meal replacement shake/smoothie for breakfast to save us time (we all do like an extra 10-15 minutes in bed!) and make sure we are starting our day right, also among our supplements are fibre, vitamins and BCAA’ s (branched chain amino acids), we feel using these supplements allow us to feel energetic, recover faster from exercise and feel good about ourselves (which is what this is all about at the end of the day isn’t it!

So long story short, supplements fit our lifestyle perfectly and we love them!

We hope this brings you guys some value, if you would like a little more in-depth information about what supplements we use specifically drop us an email at healthheroes24@gmail.com and we would be delighted to help out!

Stay Great!!

Charlie and Lisa (The Health Heroes)

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