This one to us is absolutely massive, we understand that 80% of how you look and feel is down to what you put in your body and are completely behind this, hence the reason we have waited till almost the very end of our nutrition series before talking about exercise!

After taking steps to get your nutrition right, planning your meals and drinking enough water if you really want to complete the cycle then you have to look into starting your exercise routine, not only will exercise help you burn excess calories and tighten up your body but looking beyond the physical side of this and more into the mental side there are so many benefits to exercise it’s actually killing you not to do it!

The mental side of exercise is something that really is phenomenal to watch in people, the change in personality can be crazy!

Without going into the biology of it all and using big words we can’t even spell have a think back to the last time you exercised and how it made you feel.

If you exercised within a group of people, the social aspect of it, making new friends, having fun and laughing while working out and even having others alongside you to kick you up the ass when you needed it!

If you exercised alone, think of the feeling of accomplishment when you done some different or broke a personal record or just even got your ass off the couch! A feeling of positivity, a feeling of direction and purpose! That’s what this is all about, bettering yourself, making yourself more able to have a higher quality of life and for longer!

No matter how it was you done your exercise I bet you something, you slept better that night, you were less stressed after working out and whether or not you followed up on it you would have at least paid a little more attention to your diet afterwards!

All in all, exercise is a measurement of where our body is due to how we have been treating it but more importantly for most of us exercise is an outlet from day to day life, somewhere or something that can take all the stress of the day away and feel accomplished afterwords!

We will guarantee if you mix in exercise alongside your healthy diet the benefits will be absolutely massive, you will feel more focused and much much happier!

If you guys are looking for workout ideas subscribe to the health heroes tv YouTube channel which will soon be packed with gym and work at home exercises!

Stay great guys and girls!

Charlie and Lisa (the health heroes)

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