Taking time out for you

We absolutely LOVE taking a little time out either together or individually (Lisa definitely like her personal time more though!).

It could be to do absolutely anything, read a book, throw something on Netflix, listen to some music, workout or just have a little quiet time to reflect on things!

We think it’s really important to be happy even when you are alone (nobody likes to be that clingy friend!), and it really gives you that time to just relax and reflect on things, even shut your mind down for an hour or so!

Recently Charlie has been listening to the audio of the book in the picture here “crushing it” by Gary Vaynerchuck. It’s an unbelievable read and shows just how hard you have to work even to make things happen.

But what charlie also has taken from this is that when you work so hard and have things flying around in your brain (Charlie’s brain is smaller than most 😝) you need time to shut down and relax for a while before going at it again!

Here’s how Charlie Relaxes:

1) Take 30 minutes to catch up on yourself (don’t be that guy who doesn’t look after himself!)

2) Get a Netflix or amazon prime documentary on TV (which he barely watches while staring into space)

3) Have 1 or 2 beers, nothing crazy or you will feel worse the next day

4) Have an early night and catch up with lost sleep

And for the girls out there here is how Lisa gets her release:

1) Light a few candles in the house (by a few she means about a thousand!)

2) Have a bath and relax for a while just catching up on thoughts then get showered right after.

3) Get the fluffiest PJs ever on

4) Watch a movie on Netflix, listen to music or read a book

For both of us, all of this can only be done with a completely tidy home! HOW CAN YOU RELAX WITH A SINK FULL OF DISHES AND A FULL WASHING BASKET!


Lisa & Charlie

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