Our top 3 favourite podcasts in 2018

podcastWith podcasts becoming more and more popular over the last few years and REALLY coming to the fore in the last 12-18 months we thought we would share our top 3 favourite podcasts and why we love them!

Why have podcasts became so popular?

For us there are three main reasons podcasts have become some popular.

  1. People like to do things on the move now, a great way to save yourself time and stay on the move is to switch reading magazine and books etc all you have to do is pop a set of air pods in and hit the play button on your favourite podcasts.
  2. The content being created through podcasts is just getting better and better these days, there are so many interesting and fun people out there creating content, within our top 5 podcasts there is such a great variety of people to listen to it has never became boring!
  3. They are free! most people creating podcast content will not charge a single penny for them, the way these people earn income is by pushing people from the podcast to their own business or by sponsorships on their podcast, meaning us the most important people in this get our content for free!

When do we listen to podcasts?

So much of our time is spent listening to podcasts its scary! We both have commutes to work and never like a quiet house, therefore we jointly listen to around 10-15 hours of podcasts per week while commuting or getting ready for work/meetings.

In our opinion old school media is very much on the way out, we both love Netflix and amazon video. We only really watch live TV for sports and maybe one or two TV shows and as for magazines at the moment we still buy them on and off, however rarely read them all the way through to the end.

OK, So here’s our list of top 3 podcasts!

  1. THE MFCEO PROJECT : Andy Frisella (CEO of 1st Phorm) has an unbelievable personality and willingness to dominate his life, he has lots of real time advice, MFCEO stands for motherfucking CEO, Andy has 2 podcasts each week on a Tuesday followed by his Thursday thunder podcast and he teaches us how to be the CEO of our lives! not just business!
  2. THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HIS AND HERS PODCAST: Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick a fun married couple give their take on all things lifestyle and business in their podcasts, they have a really light hearted, fun feel to them while teaching lots about beauty, wellness and business. They always have great guests on the show and have lots of fun with them too.
  3. THE GARY VEE AUDIO EXPERIENCE : Gary Vaynerchuck is an absolute animal when it comes to getting attention online and getting on the grind! Gary often holds no holds barred sessions with up and coming artists and influencers teaching us all how to get the attention we need for our businesses/projects online. The latest series brought to us by vainer media “THE POD SESSIONS” has amazing guests and great insight! must listen!

We absolutely love all of these guys podcasts and learn so much from them, not only that we also have the health heroes him & her podcast about to launch later this year and will update this post with the link as soon as it becomes available! until then be sure to subscribe to our newsletter here.


Have an amazing day guys!

Lisa and Charlie x

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