Our journey back to fitness

Our journey back to fitness starts this Monday 30th April with a friend of ours and his amazing “wolf pack”.

Dean Wallace is a guys we have known for a few years, heard his unbelievable story a few times and followed his social media for well over 12 months now!

A former football player and family man with MAD passion for life and inspiring others, Dean put together a 30 day shred “the Wallace wolves”, as you can see in from the name it’s a close group of people brought together with one purpose in mind, to motivate each other and become better versions of themselves!

Having only joined their group of close to 150 wolves last night to a massive welcome we are feeling welcome and ready to blast the next 30 days and beyond!

We will keep you all updated to how our journey with the wolves is going, but if you fancy finding out for yourselves you can simple click here for access to the website and join in yourselves.

We cannot wait to get started and hopefully we have found something that you guys find useful! Although we are so sure about this thing dean has built!

Feel free to drop the big man a follow by clicking his name Dean Wallace

Stay great guys!

Chat soon

Lisa & Charlie

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