Why we look for positivity over negativity in every situation.


Positivity isn’t all that hard to find, you just have to look!

First of all we just want to say here living a positive life in todays world is definitely made difficult by not only what we are surrounded by, but also by our minds natural state!

As humans our natural instincts are to look for danger and negative things around us as these senses are what we use naturally to survive and there is nothing wrong with this, its good to be prepared when bad things happen.

However we cannot live a happy life if we are constantly in survival mode, and lets be honest most of the things we let change our emotions don’t actually matter to us in the bigger picture.

We seen a post from Gary Vaynerchuck which we have in the picture above and this is what we have been doing for years now, go through your day actually seeking out positivity! If you have a few negative things going on in your life and flood that with positivity then it is much more difficult for your mind to focus on the negative and you will naturally start to feel better.

After drowning out the negativity with positivity you will be in a much better position to start throwing the negatives away, if you have one negative friend and 10 positive, just spend more time with the positive.

After just a few weeks of doing this your mind will be much more open to positivity than negativity.

Here’s a few example of things you could swap in your day to day life.

  • Instead of scrolling through social media looking for negative stories and comments, look for the good and post a comment of encouragement yourself.
  • Skip watching/listening to the bad news stations out there and spend more time on podcasts, watching your favourite t.v shows or getting your ass off the couch and moving.
  • Delete negative pages and people from your social media and phonebook.
  • Spend less time bitching! that shits poisonous.

We hope this helps just someone out there who is struggling to find some positivity in their day! For positive social media posts check out Lisa Mitchell and myself on Instagram or even our joint Facebook page.

Have an amazing day guys!

Lisa & Charlie (The Health Heroes)


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