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Health Heroes getting set for the Wallace wolves 30 day shred! BUZZING!


So, its Monday the 30th of April 2018.

We have always told people that Monday diets NEVER work, yet here we are starting on a Monday morning! Why? because in reality it doesn’t matter what day you start, as long as you have your mind right and you are ready for 100% commitment and nothing less is going to cut it if you want change!

We are both nervous, we are both excited but what matters most is we are both determined as F@#K that this is going to be a massive turning point in our lifestyle!

For Lisa’s views via our VLOG click here

Why the big change now?

We are healthy, we are reasonably active and non of us are ill or overweight………….. on the outside!

On the inside however, everyone has their own fight! and we have ours too.

Due to a massive decrease in physical activity, moving jobs and house over the last 18 months we have let ourselves slip into all we could describe as a mild depression, not happy with how we look at feel (especially how we feel).

Its been time to change that for a while and the first thing we had to work on was mindset, queue…………. Dean Wallace, his motivation and general madness posted on his Facebook and Instagram pages attracted us to what he was doing, after Charlie speaking with Dean briefly through Instagram DM we organised a phone chat with him to explain to Lisa exactly what the whole thing was about and in an instant Lisa decided it was the right thing at the right time.

What are we hoping to gain from this?

Although we both have completely separate physical goals, we know we can achieve these, god we can achieve these on our own without any support and we can do it comfortably.

What our biggest aim throughout the shred is to build our mental toughness, get out our comfort zone and use the support structure involved to give us the motivation throughout and get us through when times are tough!

Day 1.

Before starting we set our goals and plan using the Wallace wolves goal setting sheets, arranged our shopping list and got everything we needed to get us started during our weekly shop.

Today, and this whole week for that matter is all about getting the meals right, making sure we complete the fitness tests and join in with the short exercise challenges and sessions Dean and the gang have put together for us, starting week two is where things will really come up a notch and we cant wait!

Feeling today.

Excited optimistic and nervous for what’s ahead.

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For more info on the Wallace  wolves just click here

Have an UNBELIEVEABLE day guys!

Lisa & Charlie (The Health Heroes)


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