thEveryone has heard it! “you really should drink more water!” “you need to stay hydrated!” “how many litres of water have you had today?”

BUT…………………. Do we listen? Do we even care?

I will be very honest here and say I didn’t give a shit about hydrating or anything like it, I thought hydrating was guzzling down 330ml of orange Fanta for long enough!

I played a lot of sports, went to the gym and all in all was very active.

I didn’t know why I wasn’t ever fast or fit! I just assumed it was genetics, which was just complete unadulterated bulls#it!

Having decided the age of 27 was the perfect time to start looking after myself I began to watch what I was eating and it was suggested to me to start drinking water in place of the gallons of fizzy drinks I was having and anyone who knows me will know when I start to do something I’m an all I kind of guy (by this I mean whatever it is I’m thinking about or doing will fucking consume me!), that being said right away I began drinking a minimum of 3 litres of water everyday, some days as much as 5 litres! and the results with this along with my new found healthy diet were INSTANT! (when I say instant I’m talking like 3-4 days and I felt unstoppable!)

So, here’s what happened!

  1. I pissed like every hour on the hour
  2. My energy levels were increasing (it felt like someone had finally plugged me in)
  3. My skin began clearing up (Obviously that rash was nothing medical, just the complete shit I was consuming coming out in my skin!)
  4. I felt like my stamina increased ALOT! This was actually just my muscles being more hydrated and being able to work harder for longer!
  5. I also started to lose body fat FAST! (in a three month period I lost over 15% bodyfat percentage)

HOWEVER, there were two side effects in the first few days

  1. The migraines were unbearable!
  2. The cravings had taken over my life!

But these side effects lasted only around 3 days and the benefits far outweighed these two side effects!

What’s not so obvious about hydrating!

Ok so you are eating well and drinking GALLONS of water which means you are giving your body everything it needs, right?

WRONG! When we sweat throughout the day the reason it tastes salty is because there are salts in our body which we need! These salts contain minerals and are vital to help our body function ESPECIALLY when active!

There are various drinks out there that claim to help with this and a lot of them do, however to make them taste better a lot of them are also packed with sugar and some can be EXPENSIVE.

Here’s a hack for you guys I learned from Aubrey Marcus in his book “Own the day, Own your life”, in the book Aubrey discusses his “Morning mineral drink” which is very simple to make and costs next to nothing too! Click here to get Aubrey’s Book

Here’s the ingredients:

  • 300ml of tap water
  • 3g of sea salt
  • 1/4 lemon

All you have to do here is have 300ml of tap water (preferably get it to room temperature as it’s better for absorbing minerals) add 3g of sea salt (packed with upto 60 minerals) and squeeze in a quarter lemon for flavour.

*top tip: get yourself a water filter for your water to rid it of all the bad stuff (click here for a great starter on amazon)

Do this first thing each morning then simply carry a water bottle with you the rest of the day and sip as you need! (Click here for the bubba bottle I use on Amazon)

Hope this helps you guys stay hydrated,


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