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Our go to breakfasts – perfect for those busy mornings

We have been really enjoying our morning routine lately, enjoying it so much we are actually spending a LLLLOOOONNNGGG time on it and it actually leaves us a little short on time for breakfast!

So, we have 3 go to breakfasts to really fuel our bodies as much as we can but not taking too long to prepare!

Breakfast number 1: This really isn’t the most ideal breakfast in the world however it does seem to fuel us “enough” to get our day started and this one is really easy and quick to make. It’s simply 3 weetabix biscuits topped with coconut sugar and 200ml of semi skimmed milk.

This gives us enough protein and carbs to get started however it isn’t a great source of healthy fats other than what is in the milk.

Breakfast number 2: this one takes a little longer to make but really is quite filling and tastes amazing!

This is simply an omelette (whichever size omelette you prefer, Charlie likes 4 eggs and Lisa likes hers with 3) we also sprinkle in some cheese for fats along with the egg yolk, a slice of cooked ham for a little extra protein and some spinach to get them greens in.

We find this gets our day started great, the only draw back is the preparation time as if we are in a rush we can’t spend much time at breakfast and also the dishes can be messy!

Breakfast number 3: this one is possibly the quickest to make and definitely has the right balance to get us started!

We have a smoothie made with fruit, water and herbalife formula 1 shake mix, this gives us plenty of protein, fats and carbohydrates aswell has a MASSIVE amount of vitamins and minerals too!

To find out more about our recipes in future click here

Have a great day!

Lisa & Charlie x

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