Mindset, wellness

Pay attention to your body

It’s so so easy to get caught up in life, getting busy, looking after people, working hard!

What we all sometimes forget to do is stop for 10-15 minutes and listen to our bodies!

Are we in any pain, is there something we need to address before it gets worse! Have we been training too hard, not enough or not sleeping well?

We all really need to treat our bodies like the machines they are, if our cars have issues do we leave them until the whole car breaks down? Or do we make sure things are resolved before they spread and get worse!

If you are living your life pro-actively instead of reactively then you should always answer the latter.

So give yourself 10-15 minutes this week to take stock of where your at, how your body is feeling and if there is anything you feel you need to do to not just prevent breakdown but to get the most out of this well oiled machine.

Have a great day

Lisa & Charlie x

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