Mindset, wellness

The benefits of cold showers!

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr ❄️ The cold is never a feeling we like to this no about in the morning, especially after leaving the nice warmth of our bed! However there are so many benefits to ending your morning shower with 3-4 minutes of cold water exposure that we now feel it is a MUST to start our… Continue reading The benefits of cold showers!

Nutrition Advice

Eat for fuel, not for comfort!

We all love to indulge in certain things we enjoy eating/drinking. That's fine! Life is there to enjoy! What I suggest you look out for is when you begin eating purely for the heck of it, your bored, your sad, angry or just have some spare time. We love to play around with healthy foods,… Continue reading Eat for fuel, not for comfort!


Taking time out for you

We absolutely LOVE taking a little time out either together or individually (Lisa definitely like her personal time more though!). It could be to do absolutely anything, read a book, throw something on Netflix, listen to some music, workout or just have a little quiet time to reflect on things! We think it's really important… Continue reading Taking time out for you


NUTRITION SERIES 005! Meal Prep like the champ you are!

Meal Prep does NOT have to be all that difficult! Living a healthier more active lifestyle may look difficult from afar, however when you start to look at preparation, saving time and staying organised throughout your week you will find out just how easy this can be! THAT IS UNLESS YOU ARE A TOP LEVEL… Continue reading NUTRITION SERIES 005! Meal Prep like the champ you are!