Why we look for positivity over negativity in every situation.

Positivity isn't all that hard to find, you just have to look! First of all we just want to say here living a positive life in todays world is definitely made difficult by not only what we are surrounded by, but also by our minds natural state! As humans our natural instincts are to look… Continue reading Why we look for positivity over negativity in every situation.


Taking time out for you

We absolutely LOVE taking a little time out either together or individually (Lisa definitely like her personal time more though!). It could be to do absolutely anything, read a book, throw something on Netflix, listen to some music, workout or just have a little quiet time to reflect on things! We think it's really important… Continue reading Taking time out for you

About us

Who are the health heroes?

Hi guys and welcome to the introduction of who the health heroes are and what we are all about. The health heroes started out as a local fitness class is the Wishaw area in Lanarkshire Scotland, it the developed into an online community where Lisa Mitchell and Charlie Nield could keep their health and wellness… Continue reading Who are the health heroes?