Morning Mineral Cocktail

Wake up and get hydrated with this powerhouse cocktail! Its very easy to throw together in no time at all....... well just a few seconds! Ingredients required: 300ml of filtered water (room temperature is best for soaking up minerals) 3g of Himalayan sea salt 1/4 Lemon A 1/2 capful of organic apple cider vinegar To… Continue reading Morning Mineral Cocktail



Everyone has heard it! "you really should drink more water!" "you need to stay hydrated!" "how many litres of water have you had today?" BUT...................... Do we listen? Do we even care? I will be very honest here and say I didn't give a shit about hydrating or anything like it, I thought hydrating was… Continue reading STAYING HYDRATED!


Ready, set, GO! How to get yourself ready for running.

Not everyone enjoys running (just ask Charlie!). Most people who don't enjoy running in all likelihood are just not preparing themselves properly for it, preparing isn't just having a quick stretch before you start, its preparing your body for a new, DIFFERENT activity for maybe up to a week before you start. If you are… Continue reading Ready, set, GO! How to get yourself ready for running.

Nutrition Advice

Eat for fuel, not for comfort!

We all love to indulge in certain things we enjoy eating/drinking. That's fine! Life is there to enjoy! What I suggest you look out for is when you begin eating purely for the heck of it, your bored, your sad, angry or just have some spare time. We love to play around with healthy foods,… Continue reading Eat for fuel, not for comfort!



This one to us is absolutely massive, we understand that 80% of how you look and feel is down to what you put in your body and are completely behind this, hence the reason we have waited till almost the very end of our nutrition series before talking about exercise! After taking steps to get… Continue reading NUTRITION SERIES 007: WORKING OUT ALONGSIDE PROPER NUTRITION